Adolfo Ich Chaman

Adolfo Ich Chamán. Photograph by James Rodriguez

Buildings at HudBay Minerals' Fenix Project where Adolfo Ich died

The mine buildings where Adolfo Ich was dragged after he was shot

Angelica Choc with sign denouncing CGN

Angelica Choc stands next to a sign that says “Adolfo Ich murdered by CGN. Mining is responsible.”  Photograph by Daniel Sosa

Adolfo Ich's Grave

Adolfo Ich’s Grave

Community of La Union in El Estor, Guatemala

Adolfo Ich’s Community, “La Uníon”

Adolfo Ich Chaman

Adolfo Ich was shot in the neck at close range

Adolfo Ich Chaman

Adolfo Ich’s forearm was partially severed by a machete blow

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