Legal Documents

Current Pleadings

Angelica Choc v. HudBay Minerals Inc.– Lawsuit regarding the murder of Adolfo Ich

Statement of Claim (Updated Oct 2013)

Statement of Defence (Updated June 2015)

Plaintiff’s Reply (June 2015)

Margarita Caal Caal v. HudBay Minerals Inc. – Lawsuit regarding rapes at the community of Lote Ocho

Statement of Claim (Updated Feb 2012)

Statement of Defence (Updated June 2015)

German Chub Choc v. HudBay Minerals Inc. – Lawsuit regarding the shooting of German Chub

Statement of Claim (Updated Oct 2013)

Statement of Defence (Updated June 2015)

Plaintiff’s Reply (June 2015)

Key Judgments

Judgment permitting the lawsuits to proceed to trial in Canada (July 2013)

Judgment requiring HudBay to disclose extensive internal corporate documentation (June 2015)

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